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The platform which collects the culture of the area, a gourmet, and sightseeing information and it offers as a travel and shopping service in Taiwan


『Taiwan ebookscan read all of taiwan ebooks for PC/iPhone/iPad/Android/HTML5 and free download. The platform which offers Taiwan special culture, a gourmet, and the travel advisory that collects sightseeing.

『Taiwan ebooks』can read by "anyone", "anywhere", "anytime", and download favorite contents with App to obtain new information on Taiwan each prefecture city. 

『Taiwan ebooksebookscollects the culture of Taiwan, a gourmet, and sightseeing information. 。

Expand Tourism by Taiwan ebooks

   By "Taiwan ebooks" the possibility of expanding cities and counties and regions specialized intelligence succeeded. Has to get past a specific area of intelligence is quite difficult. Paper-based publications issued by cities and counties outside the county for people who not only difficult to obtain, on the site of the uploaded information is quite limited. Moreover, in the city and county agencies and organizations website four good disposition, view of the requirements for the user does not have to focus on relevant information is not easy.

  Under the Taiwan tourism-related information using only paper publications and networks provide search easy for tourists journey can only be echoed in the fixed-famous attractions. However, in "Taiwan ebooks" published in a special book contains important information for the attractions on the activities of goods and facilities "Taiwan counties and cities and regions," the average person will be able to find do not know.

  For the people "want to own a travel" is concerned, I hope can be sure to use "Taiwan ebooks" to confirm in advance of scheduled play area browse reading related publications.

Useful also for industrial activation of Taiwan.

"Taiwan ebooks" If it develops favorably, along with the visitors from an another prefecture city and tourists increasing in number, it is expectable also in the increase in an economic effect.