Changhua County

Changhua County

Changhua County

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  • Charming New Changhua
    Changhua is an old city with a rich culture that is a wellspring
    for prodigious people, is a gathering place for talents, and
    boasts a long history. There are numerous stories to be told
    contained within its mountains, sea, and fields. Whether
    through historical relics, natural scenery, community building,
    or culture and tourism, visitors can feel the simplicity, warmth,
    vitality, and innovativeness of Changhua.
    Changhua is home to the natural scenery of the Dadu River
    estuary and the highest-quality coastal wetlands in all of
    Taiwan. Footprints of Taiwan—Changhua County introduces
    the historical development and pulse of Changhua from the
    perspectives of its natural scenery, historical relics, ancestral
    halls, community building, religious faiths, culture, and the
    tourism industry. Our 20 specially selected touristic routes will
    lead the reader through a comprehensive view of Changhua in
    just a short period of time.
    I was previously Director of the Changhua County Cultural
    Affairs Bureau and am currently Director of the Bureau of
    Education. In recent years, Changhua County has actively
    pushed educational innovation, cultural cultivation, community
    building, and the establishment of 10 major museums. The
    integration of regional cultural spaces, industries, scenery, and
    education as well as the improvement of Changhua County’s
    overall hard and soft power is there for all to see. Besides
    meandering through the major veins and arteries of Changhua’s
    history through the pictures and descriptions provided in
    Footprints of Taiwan—Changhua County, readers can also
    visit the scenic spots detailed in the book themselves, where
    they can experience Charming New Changhua firsthand and
    sample a cultural feast of traditional arts and crafts, historical
    relics, ancient halls, festivals, and folk customs, seizing the
    beauty of the changing face of Changhua County.
  • According to genre: Historical site 
  • According to Prefecture and City: Changhua
  • Sales day:2014-08-11
  • Publisher:中華文化總會
  • Keyword: Culture  Plant Tour 

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