Chiayi City

Chiayi City

Chiayi City

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  • A Cultural City of Breadth and Depth
    Commonwealth magazine, in their special report of “Taiwan’s 25 Surprises”, designated Chiayi City as a Cultural City. The report also cited Song Dynasty writer Li Ge-fei, who said that gardens and scenery could not be found together, where there is breadth, there is no depth, and beauty that is manmade cannot also be aged. Exceptionally, our small yet beautiful Chiayi City pulls all of these six qualities together. The General Association of Chinese Culture, in publishing Footprints of Taiwan: Chiayi City guides readers through an exploration of the breadth and depth of this cultural city.

    With the Tropic of Cancer running through this tropical southern city, the combination of climate and recreation provide Chiayi with the most comfortable and pleasant pace of life. Chiayi City is one of the centers for consumption among Yunlin, Chiayi, and Tainan Counties. Here the landmark fountain has for years ceaselessly burst with beauty while signifying democracy. Visitors to Chiayi cry out for a savory and satisfying bowl of turkey rice, while the fragrant cypress wood and dazzling Koji pottery contain endless historical tales. The leading role in this performance is of course the enthusiastic and welcoming, andultimately both loyal and just, citizens of Zhuluo.

    With the publication of Footprints of Taiwan: Chiayi City, we would like to thank the bold and determined foresight of the General Association of Chinese Culture, the former director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Jia-bo Rao, for his wholehearted support, the Jin Long Education Foundation Board Chair Rongshun Cai’s invitation of local professionals in literature, history, and media to form the writing team for this book. I believe that their sharp minds and smooth pens have expounded on the stories and qualities behind this city and presented their profound implications in an accessible way. This book is a cultural guide for understanding Chiayi City from ancient times through today. It will also make “exploring Chiayi City” a romantic adventure.
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  • According to Prefecture and City: Chiayi City
  • Sales day:2014-08-18
  • Publisher:中華文化總會
  • Keyword: Culture  Plant Tour  Delicacies 

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