From the Li Poetry Society and Taiwanese Cultural

From the Li Poetry Society and Taiwanese Cultural

From the Li Poetry Society and Taiwanese Cultural

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  • Taichung City has a reputation for being a “cultural city.” Where does this reputation come from?

    From the provincial city of the Qing Dynasty, to the modern city of the Japanese period, what once were rice paddies and winding rivers became row upon row of straight streets. As new immigrants rrived and old communities were demolished,a Han-centric society gradually transformed. Literati and adherents of the previous dynasty formed poetry societies, carrying on Taiwan’s cultural raditions and starting to concern themselves with the politics of the day. Because Taichung is located in central Taiwan with convenient road access to and from the north and south, it became the enter of the cultural, political, and social movements of the time. Mainland Chinese politician Liang Qi-chao’s travels through Taiwan, starting in Keelung and Taipei and then coming to Taichung, started a whirlwind of cultural movements. The Li Poetry Society, Chu Poetry Society, Taiwanese Literature Society, Central Publishing House, and other cultural organizations were all founded here in Taichung, while the Taiwanese Cultural Association, Taiwanese People’s Party, Taiwanese Independence Union, and other political organizations all convened meetings here. The Literary Journal of Taiwan, Nanyin , New TaiwaneseLiterature, and other publications were also distributed here, and the first middle school to be funded and established by Taiwanese people was also established here in Taichung.

    Culture has left an indelible mark on Taichung, starting asa trickling stream and growing into a great river, thus giving birth to the Cultural City.
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