Daya District

Daya District

Daya District

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  • Daya District is situated in the northwest of the Taichung Basin. Covering an area of about 32 square kilometers, it is wide from east to west and relatively narrow from north to south. Daya was formerly known as Bazai, referring to a stretch along Daya Street. According to some, Bazai is a transliteration of the Pingpu dialect, while others believe it is the Hakka translation. The development of this region can be traced back to the late Kangxi period when emigrants from Raoping in Yuedong began settling in the area.

    In 1723 (the 1st year of the Qing Yongzheng Emperor),Zhang Da-jing, a Hakka from Dapu in Yuedong organized the Zhang Zhen-wan Cultivation Group. Taking on an approach of “ceding land in exchange for irrigation water,” the Zhang group constructed the Maowuse Xiapi irrigation canal and successfully cultivated Aheba Caopu (now Shengang and Daya).After that, cultivation gradually expanded.

    The central business district of Daya includes Xuefu Road and old streets around the Yongxing Temple. Built in 1847 (the 27th year of the Qing Daoguang Emperor), the Yongxing Temple primarily worships the Heavenly Mother Mazu, commonly known as Lao Si Ma (literally “old fourth mother”) or Heimian Sima (literally “black-face fourth mother”). Hence, the Yongxing Temple is also known as the Sima (fourth mother) Temple. Renovated in 1986, this spectacular and majestic temple is always packed with pilgrims and filled with burning incense on festivals and special occasions.

    After the streets were expanded, the commercial atmosphere of Daya’s old streets was not as lively as it once was. The various stores set up on Xuefu Road also replaced the traditional marketplace on the old streets. Nevertheless, from early morning until noon everyday, the area around the old streets and Xuefu Road is still crowded with all kinds of vendors, forming a large-scale traditional bazaar. From early afternoon until late into the night, Xuefu Road accommodates vendors that offer a myriad of snacks, such as douhua (a sweet bean curd dessert), luwei(dishes simmered in a soy-based sauce), Dongshan duck head, fried chicken, and red-bean cake. Not only are these dishes local favorites, they are also popular must-try snacks for visitors.

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