Chiayi's Delicious Cuisine and Local Events

Chiayi's Delicious Cuisine and Local Events

Chiayi's Delicious Cuisine and Local Events

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  • When someone mentions Chiayi City, what comes to mind?
    Most people’s first answer is “jirou fan” or turkey rice. This
    is by far the most characteristic of Chiayi’s traditional local
    snacks. In this little city of less than 60 square kilometers
    in circumference there are over 100 turkey rice eateries.
    Among the local cultural activities enjoying as much fame as
    turkey rice is the Chiayi City International Band Festival that
    takes place every December. Local and international bands
    perform nearly 100 concerts, attracting tens of thousands of
    visitors each year.
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  • According to Prefecture and City: Chiayi City
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