From Outdoor Sculptures to Public Arts

From Outdoor Sculptures to Public Arts

From Outdoor Sculptures to Public Arts

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  • Though Chiayi City only covers an area of 60 square
    kilometers, and with more than 80 outdoor sculptures
    scattered about, you can seemingly look almost anywhere
    to catch one. During the 1995 National Festival of Culture
    and Arts, the theme adopted in Chiayi was “Sculpting
    Chiayi,” as the city took the first step towards a reflection on
    the environmental landscape. The 228 Memorial Park was
    completed in 1996 and six sculptures were installed, such
    as “Zhuluo Tree Rings” and “A 16th Century Zhuluo Scene.”
    These sculptures help to create a mood for the whole area
    and represent the inherent symmetry between outdoor
    sculptures and the environment.
  • According to genre: Historical site 
  • According to Prefecture and City: Chiayi City
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