Historical Architecture and Monuments Tour

Historical Architecture and Monuments Tour

Historical Architecture and Monuments Tour

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  • Outside of a few historic relics, such as dikes and wells, little
    has remained over the 300 years since the end of the Dutch
    occupation of Ilha Formosa. The city of Luocheng was built
    under the Qing Emperor Kangxi and the four city gates still
    in use today were built during the Yongzheng and Daoguang
    Emperor periods1. The old streets end at the four city gates,
    with the old city center nearby the current East Market.
    Due to earthquakes, the opening of the north-south crosscountry
    railroad, and the changes in the development of the
    Alishan forest industry, the developed area outside of the city
    continued to expand.
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  • According to Prefecture and City: Chiayi City
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