Ancestral Temples and Local Residences

Ancestral Temples and Local Residences

Ancestral Temples and Local Residences

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  • Changhua County developed relatively early. In 1684, when
    Taiwan became part of the Qing Empire, immigrants from
    coastal Fujian successively moved to the Changhua Plain.
    In 1709, Shi Shi-bang opened up the Shicuo Irrigation
    Canal, completing the canal in 10 years. The opening of
    the irrigation canal attracted more immigrants to settle the
    region. Due to the increasing number of settlers in the area,
    in 1723, the Qing government established Changhua County
    with borders extending from the Huwei River northward and
    south from the Dajia River, setting up the county jurisdiction
    in Banxian (today’s Changhua City).
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