Changhua’s Coastal Wetland Scenery

Changhua’s Coastal Wetland Scenery

Changhua’s Coastal Wetland Scenery

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  • Along Changhua’s coastline from north to south, there are
    many treasures, among which are the Changhua coastal
    wetlands. Boasting coastal wetlands with the largest, most
    important and most diverse ecological environment, the
    Changhua coastal wetlands are a good place for ecotourism
    and well worth preserving. Beginning from Fuxing Township’s
    Fubao Wetlands, and passing through Fangyuan Township’s
    Hanbao Wetlands to the Zhuoshui River estuary’s Dacheng
    Wetlands, it has a total area of 9268 hectares, about the size
    of 358 of Taipei’s Da’an Parks. Today the Construction and
    Planning Agency plans to designate the area as national
    wetlands with the possibility of becoming international
    wetlands in the future.
  • According to genre: Historical site 
  • According to Prefecture and City: Changhua
  • Sales day:2014-02-13
  • Keyword: Culture  Plant Tour 

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