Dadu River Estuary Scenery

Dadu River Estuary Scenery

Dadu River Estuary Scenery

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  • The Wu River originates from the western foot of
    Hehuanshan in Taiwan’s central mountain range. The river
    course passes through Nantou County, Taichung, and
    Changhua County, flowing through the lower reaches of
    Taichung’s coastal plain. It is also called Dadu River. The
    river flows between Lishui Village in Taichung’s Longjing
    district and Quanxing Village in Changhua County’s
    Shengang Township to reach the Taiwan Strait. With a
    length of 119.13 kilometers, it is Taiwan’s fourth-longest river,
    bringing ample amounts of water for irrigation to coastal
    townships and villages.
  • According to genre: Historical site 
  • According to Prefecture and City: Changhua
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