Lugang The Story of a Little City

Lugang The Story of a Little City

Lugang The Story of a Little City

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  • Lugang is a small town with a flourishing culture and
    literature. In Taiwan, there is a saying “first Taiwan
    Prefectural City, second Lu, third Monga.“Second Lu”
    refers to Lugang. Lugang’s harbor was officially opened in
    1784, propelling the area toward prosperous shipping and
    trade. Due to siltation, the port quickly fell into decline. The
    magnificence of its former days, however, is still preserved
    in the city’s winding lanes and the homes of local residents.
    When you come to Lugang in search of historical relics, it is
    as though you’ve gone back 200 years in time. You are not
    in a bustling town, but in Lugang Town, a conglomeration of
    traditional art and culture.
  • According to genre: Historical site 
  • According to Prefecture and City: Changhua
  • Sales day:2014-02-13
  • Keyword: Culture  Plant Tour 

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