The Legend of the Babao Irrigation Canal

The Legend of the Babao Irrigation Canal

The Legend of the Babao Irrigation Canal

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  • When Fengshan imperial scholar and deputy military
    commander Shi Shi-bang came to Banxian (today’s
    Changhua) during the middle Qing period at the beginning
    of the 18th century, there was untamed land as far as the
    eye could see. Shi Shi-bang felt that this fertile land was
    not living up to its potential, so he raised funds to dig an
    irrigation canal near Bizitou in today’s Ershui. Because they
    weren’t familiar with irrigation methods, the project failed to
    draw water time and time again. After a period of ten years
    (1709-1719) under the tutelage of the unknown “Mr. Lin,”
    the project was finally successful. The irrigation canal drew
    water from the Zhuoshui River to provide irrigation for eight
    of the thirteen forts (bao) in Changhua.
    Hence, the irrigation canal was called the
    Babao Irrigation Canal (Eight Fort Irrigation
    Canal) and Shicuo Irrigation Canal (Shi’s
    Irrigation Canal).
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  • According to Prefecture and City: Changhua
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