Banxian's Literary Legacy

Banxian's Literary Legacy

Banxian's Literary Legacy

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  • Built in 1723, Changhua was originally called Banxian. Three
    years after its establishment, county magistrate Zhang Hao
    ordered the construction of a Confucian academy to “manifest
    elegance.” This academy is today’s Changhua Confucius
    Temple, which was the beginning source of Changhua’s
    academic atmosphere. Continuing with the trend towards
    Confucianism, Changhua’s Confucian academies included
    the Zhengyin, Baisha, Dongdao, Wenkai, Luoqing, Zhujing,
    Xingxian, and Aowen Academies. Today, only the Dongdao,
    Wenkai, and Xingxian Academies remain, all three of which
    are registered as historical relics. Besides preserving the
    traditional artistic buildings of these academies, in recent
    years, the Cultural Affairs Bureau has promoted events for
    examinees to come pray for blessings at the academies.
    These events have attracted numerous young scholars and
    examinees, allowing the academy to show its significance in
    today’s culture and education.
  • According to genre: Historical site 
  • According to Prefecture and City: Changhua
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