Flowers of Changhua

Flowers of Changhua

Flowers of Changhua

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  • Taiwan’s flower holy land is the national flower-producing
    champion Changhua County. Changhua County is located
    in the Zhuoshui River region, which creates the fertile soil
    of the Changhua Plain. Changhua features a rich diversity
    of agricultural products, especially its numerous variety of
    cash-crop flower nurseries, which are famous throughout
    Taiwan. Heading south on Provincial Highway No. 1 through
    Yongjing, Tianwei, and Xizhou
    Townships, the collections of
    horticulture nurseries that fill the
    landscape forms the golden belt
    of “Changhua Flowers.” Tianwei
    Hi g hwa y F l owe r Ga r d e n , i n
    particular, which won the Top-Ten
    Taiwan Rural Village Award, attracts
    an endless stream of tourists to the
  • According to genre: Historical site 
  • According to Prefecture and City: Changhua
  • Sales day:2014-02-14
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